The inevitable beginning to an inconsequential end

Created: 2009-05-10
Materials: 4mm soft galv steel wire, audio speakers, audio wire, lacquer
Size:5 pods measuring 650d x 820h (overall dimensions variable)
No-8, kiwi staple, fix anything it will, keep it all in, keep the other buggers out, baaaaaaa, 4mm soft galv, moving times, forward thinking, modern technology, internet, RSS, forums, digital this, satellite that…still a place for No-8.Pods, cages, traps, vortices, vessels – broadcast, listen close, public opinion, private conversation, can I tell you this in confidence?

The audio ranges from mechanical sounds to full conversations and rants. Gathered from a variety of sources the audio references historical NZ figures as well as anonymous mass media characters from YouTube, Google Video and Vimeo.

Click here for small 47 sec sample of audio (in stereo, full audio loop is 3m40s in 5 channel audio)

Intertwined with the more recognisable audio are mechanical sounds and gaming audio stripped from Atari and early Nintendo games.

This work won First Prize in the Fieldays No.8 Wire National Art Awards 2009

Thankyou to the project sponsors

EuroFence Panasonic

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