Oh how the intangible have fallen III

Created: 2012-12-13
Materials: Weatherproof NZ steel
Size: 2460mm H x 1600mm W x 800mm D

Upon investigating the current global economic climate it is clear that the intricacies of global monetary funds have advanced far beyond the means to control them. These intangible (for most) assets that float through virtual space create risk that is far beyond the physical risk of gold/monetary storage of pre-digital era.

Previously, economic security was keeping track of how much gold or other tangible reserves a country/organisation had, but now with the advancement of our global networks and virtual trading these physical resources are much harder to control and often inconsequential.

We are faced with not only a crisis of cash but also the intangible assets that come with an age that is heavily reliant on digital resources. The industrial revolution was one of huge expansion but with that brought ‘stuff’ – buildings, machinery, ‘things’ in which to invest.

The current appetite for information/data creates value out of [essentially] thin air.

The uncertainty as to how/where these assets exist leads to instability and ultimately to them falling from the ‘sky’.

The third in the series

Many thanks to Lisa, Brian and the team at Brick Bay Sculpture Park for their hard work in making the install a breeze.

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