Galaxial Star Phasing

Created: 2012-11-05
Materials: wood, glue, shellac, enamel, pigment, electrical components, PP
Size: 100 x 100 x 7mm
Edition Size: 10

A series of 10 works shown as part of Cross Purposes at Seed Gallery in November/December 2012.

Each artist in the  show is given 10 equilateral plywood ‘x’s as a basis to create their artworks.

Galaxial Star Phasing incorporates led lights, mercury switch and a battery. They are designed to be picked up and rotated. Rewarding the viewer for their interest and interaction by lighting and extinguishing the coloured LED light.

Each work in the series has one of four colours of LED and each is positions on the side of the work in a different location.

Many thanks to Seed Gallery for the images.

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