Home Is – Design Junkies 2019


Found Objects (Steel, aluminium, fabric, wood) Lacquer, steel, LED lighting.

The challenge was to create an artwork that would sit in the foyer of a business. Each of the contestants drew a business out of a toolbox and I drew real estate.

This work has multiple states. Closed, it presents as a non-de-script fridge door, with a curious handle at the base. Using the handle to activate the work opens up to a environment that has two distinct sides. The left represents the irdeals of home ownership; comfort, security, shelter. The right represents the reality of home life for many New Zealanders; abuse, poverty, uncertainty.

Home Is, rewards the viewer to take a closer look not only in the material work but their place in relationship to real estate.

Created as part of the Design Junkies NZ television programme. First aired 11 July 2019

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