Dear President, your new clothes

Steel, wood, paint, found objects

DPYNC is a commentary on the current global political climate where those in power become so entrenched in their beliefs and entitlement they do not see the harm they are doing in reality. Referencing the Andersen fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes” in the title of this work there are comparisons drawn between the current president of the USA and the vain/foolish emperor who is more concerned with his appearance as emperor than the substance of his reign.


The third challenge of design junkies was to create a storage solution for a high end apartment. The materials were sourced from discarded fencing items and we each picked a random drum under which was the subject of our storage solution. I picked womans clothing.

This work was receive the silver award for this challenge. Originally created on season two of Design Junkies NZ. The episode this artwork featured in first aired 18 July 2019.

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