Knot, Knot & Not…

Knot, Knot & Not…

Exhibiting at Mangawhai Artists Gallery September 29th to October 12th

Each of the three prints included in Under Pressure by Aaron McConchie has a unique origin but all are intertwined with digital and mechanical mark making utilising various processes to capture and manipulate the subject..
Printing plates are machined from reclaimed laminate particle board, similar to what your kitchen cabinets are made from. The machining is on a large format CNC router from files generated via the artists digital process.
Printed on a vintage Adana benchtop letterpress machine with a maximum printing size of just 5×3 inches. The physical constraints of the machine and the variable pressure that is applied creates imperfections, making each print unique from the last.

The works are small, numerous and purposely low priced with a unique reverse numbered edition that prompts the viewer to take the print that is on top of the stack.

The early adopter that purchases at the beginning of the show receives a higher edition number than those that chance their arm and wait, in an attempt to pick up a lower edition while risking missing out entirely and questioning the convention that a lower edition is more valuable, even though that number has been assigned by the artist.

The pricing of each print is intentionally low in an attempt to remove the stigma that art is precious. Art is to be enjoyed and by creating small works at low costs it introduces the notion of art as a commodity while also making it more accessible to the viewer.

All prints are $25.00NZD each
Postage for NZ addresses is $5 and international is $10

If you would like to purchase one or more prints please contact me and let me know. I will email payment details to you and once payment is received will pull the next remaining print from the stacks in the gallery or at my studio (if after exhibition).


Ink and gouche on paper – 210mmx150mm – Edition of 100

As the meta-verse looms large on our digital horizon and the ability for machines with the appropriate algorithms to seemingly predict our thoughts and behaviours, its fitting that this works origins was an image request to artificial intelligence image generation site DALL.E.

SEARCH: woodcut print of benchy the 3d printed tug boat at sea

Benchy is a model of a tug boat that is used as a test to ‘benchmark’ 3D printers. It has a unique combination of surfaces, undercuts and perforations that highlight the test subjects limitations


Knot letterpress print 2022 by Aaron McConchie

Ink and gouche on paper – 210mmx150mm – Edition of 100

What seems like a simple print of wood understates the greater significance to the artist. The original image was captured from radiata pine framing timber installed in a house that the artist is currently building. Immortalising a subject that will be hidden for the rest of its existence.
The original material is ubiquitous within NZ. Helping to create housing for millions of kiwis while simultaneously being the source of much waste.


Not letterpress print by Aaron McConchie

Ink and gouche on paper – 210mmx150mm – Edition of 100

The abstract nature of Not… obscures a simple message, proclaiming itself to NOT be something. A reaction against the volatile digital art market and those attempting to profiteer of the creativity of others.
This work started off as a sketch on a tablet with free form typography

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