Created: 2010-10-29
Materials: Fibreglass, Steel, automotive paint, polyethylene
Size: 2 flippers @ 1580 x 660 x 800mm

What part of the game are you?

Aaron McConchie’s latest creation not only catches the eye but also the imagination. The oversized pinball flippers open up the world as a game. The viewer is an essential part of the realisation of the work.

The fiberglass flippers swing in a lazy arc around their steel pedestal bases similar to those found on a real pinball table, but instead of pushing buttons the viewer becomes the physical actuator of the arms, and possibly the ball itself.

Highlighting the environment around the work as much as the sculpture itself the work challenges the viewer to consider their position in this fast paced, crazy, electronic world we live in. What part do you wish to play?

This the the first in an edition of 5Aaron McConchie installed “Flipper” for the first time at Sculpture Onshore in Devonport, Auckland. The exhibition runs daily from 4th November – 14th November 2010.

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