Family Bulk Pack

Created: 2011-06-26
Materials: Lead, glass, stainless steel, electroplating, wood, oil paint
Size: various

The Family bulk pack consists of 4 individual artworks containing varying quantities of cast lead candy.

  • 5 – In small glass dish [SOLD]
  • 16 – In frosted glass jar
  • 21 – On SS plate
  • 40 – In frosted glass bowl
  • 65 – On wooden platter

The number of candy pieces relate to the age we all reach to accomplish forced milestones in our society.

5 – The age mandated by government that a child is mature enough to go to school.

16 – coming of age, but of what age? legally entitled to have sex but emotionally? who decides.

21 – a year that is outdated with our current drinking age of 18 and 3 years past the age where we are all legal adults. An arbitrary number based on an irrelevant American system.

40 – official middle age. Where life gets easier? but for many it highlights the never ending struggle to survive.

65 – an age where the pension can be taken and the much distributed ‘Gold Card’ becomes attainable. Legislated as the age of retirement but in today’s ever increasing world of competition and expense, can we afford to take it.

The candy is cast in lead and electroplated with chrome, nickel, copper and brass finishes.

Each work is available individually and is on show at Seed Gallery, Newmarket from 5-23 July 2011.

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