Created: 2010-11-02
Materials: Glass fibre, polyester resin, gelcoat, automotive lacquer
Status: Limited Edition
Size: 440mm diameter x 300mm deep
Edition: Size50

1920+2010 was born out the observation of the loss of heritage through the renovation of New Zealand’s more historically valuable properties and the realisation that modern technology can help to highlight these small gems from our quickly dwindling past.

The switch this is based on was frequently used in the early 1900’s and was originally made of ceramic and brass, with early Bakelite internal.

The artwork is a scale replica of the work with a modern twist, the plug (the first positive model of the work, from which moulds are taken) was milled on a state-of-the-art 5 axis mill from MDF. All modern technology. The file used to control the mill was exported from a 3D solid modelling package that was generated by the artist.

From here the Aaron finished the plug by hand and laid up the final moulds in gelcoat and fibreglass. These moulds are what are used to make the final parts for 1920+2010. There are 5 moulds in all.

1920+2010 is a deceptively large work with a deep projection from the wall. Included with each work is a wall mounting bracket the facilitates the easy and secure rotation of the work through 360deg.

This artwork is in a strictly limited edition of 50.

1920+2010 is the first in a series of scale replicas of iconic domestic switches and paraphernalia. Keep an eye out for more coming.

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