No More Gaps

An architectural intervention work in concept. A simple process driven work to rid unwanted blank spaces in buildings and art collections. Inspired by awkward architecture and salon style art exhibitions that tetris artworks on to the gallery and house wall. The process outlined below is crucial to the validity of the work, it removes much of the ambiguity of the artwork out of the artist’s and purchaser’s hands. The artwork cost is easily calculated, the colour is randomly defined and a surprise to the owner of the final work. The font style is fixed (PT Mono Bold) and the location of the words are decided by the artist upon receiving the final dimensions. This artwork is to fit in a space but not necessarily coordinate with its environs. The form and area of the work is of utmost importance, colour is secondary.

The physical work’s size is variable. Acrylic on canvas, hand stretched and painted by the artist. Project begun in 2017 and is ongoing.


  1. Measure space for artwork
  2. Decide on the desirable size of the artwork, taking in to account even spacing from all neighbouring surfaces or existing features and art works
  3. Use calculator below to show actual costs of artwork


  4. Use Form below to email me with your details and size of the artwork

    Artwork order form

    Fill out the details below to complete your part of the artworks process

  5. I will review dimensions and communicate delivery costs to you
  6. Once total cost is agreed upon (automatically generated art cost + delivery cost) and payment received my process begins
  7. Build stretcher to agreed dimensions
  8. Stretch and prime canvas
  9. Randomly generate number between 1 and 256 to select colour for background. 256 colours based on standard web accessible colours from obsolete WWW standards
  10. Use computer program to automatically select complimentary colour based on previous colour selection, this will be the foreground/font colour
  11. Create letter stencil/guide based on set parameters and font
  12. Paint colour field of first colour
  13. Let dry
  14. Paint font with second colour
  15. Let dry
  16. Package artwork
  17. Deliver to you


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