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Please Pehi

MaterialsCanvas, wood, acrylic paint, electronics, mp3 audio
Size800 x 800 x 800mm

Please Pēhi is an interactive audio/visual work. Created for the Estuary Artworks competition 2010, It draws its inspiration from the waterways of auckland. More specifically the relationship humans have with these entangling stretches of water.

Criss-crossing the Auckland isthmus humans have built over them, under them and frequently work and play in and on them. 

What does this inteaction mean for the estuary. Full of life does the estuary want us here? or is it like so much of the population indifferent to the needs of the other?

The audio content within Please Pēhi is taken from recordings along the Tamaki estuary and include bird life, water, people, boats, planes, cars and various other man made sources of noise (pollution?).